Exercises: Installing RSPM


In this exercise, you:

  • Install RStudio Package Manager
  • Test the installation
  • Run diagnostics

Refer to the RSPM Documentation throughout the exercises, specifically the Get Started - Installation section.

Quiz: System requirements

Refer to the RStudio Package Manager documentation on installation pre-requisites, then answer the following questions:

Supported operating systems


R requirements and version



Quiz: Server instance

Operating system

Before you start the installation on the server, you should note the operating system that you are using.

Hint: Run the following command on your server instance:

lsb_release -a


Task: Install RStudio Package Manager

Perform the following tasks on your course instance:

  • Navigate to the RStudio Package Manager download page
  • On your server instance, follow the documented steps to install RStudio Package Manager:
    • Install the required dependency
    • Download the RStudio Package Manager installer
    • Install RStudio Package Manager

In the following exercise, you will test RSPM and ensure that it is installed correctly.

Task: Test the RSPM installation

How to know that RSPM installed successfully?

  1. Check the status of the RSPM service:

    sudo systemctl status rstudio-pm
  2. Test the connection to the RSPM web interface by running the following command from your server instance:

    curl localhost:4242/client/

    Note: This is helpful to verify prior to the following step in the event that you have network connectivity or firewall issues.

  3. Connect to the RSPM web interface in your browser by visiting the following URL:


    Note: You can connect to RSPM using the IP address or DNS name.

    Note: There are no repositories configured by default, so it is normal to see a message that states there are No Repos Defined.

  4. We’ve also configured an optional proxy / landing page, which you can connect in your browser by visiting the following URL:


    Then, to view the RSPM web interface, click on the RStudio Package Manager link, or visit http://{IP-ADDRESS}/packages/ directly.